Marianne Dissard is a French chanteuse from Tucson, Arizona now living in sunny Europe. She wrote and recorded her third album, ‘The Cat. Not Me’, with labelmate Sergio Mendoza (Y La Orkesta) who joins the ranks of previous composers Joey Burns (Calexico), Naïm Amor and Italian pianist Christian Ravaglioli. ‘The Cat. Not Me’ premiered at SXSW 2013 in a live collaboration with Seattle producer and musician Budo.


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Meticulous arrangements, wrenchingly emotional musicianship, and Dissard at the top of her uneasy game: an early contender for best album of 2014.New York Music Daily  -  Blurt Mag‘ interview by John Schacht  -  “Bigger, stranger, wilder and artier, Dissard’s most vibrant album yet.” Tucson Weekly
“Une oeuvre majestueuse” Longueur d’Ondes“L’audace, la singularité mais aussi l’intelligence sont, au-delà de toute description musicale, les mots qui me semblent le mieux caractériser ‘The Cat. Me Not’.” Happiness In UpsalaInterview sur le site Parlhot“Chaque note se grave en crevasse dans nos pensées, chaque mot si bien érigé, stagne, inquiète, enseigne.” A Découvrir AbsolumentUn album habité, poétique et très beau” Hop-Blog