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MarianneDissard-TheCat.NotMe-VinylSleeveFrontV2.jpg  The Cat. Not Me (2014) – Order signed vinyls here
  L’Entredeux (2008) – Order signed CDs and Cassettes below
149833_448490072223_3337478_n L’Abandon (2011) – Order signed CDs below
4095288727-1 Paris One Takes (2010) – Order signed CDrs below
Dedicated+To+Your+Walls Dedicated To Your Walls. May They Keep Blooming (2006) – Order signed CDrs below
a4054122932_10 Bluebeard Sessions (2008) – Only available as downloads
a1546282229_10 Berlin Two Takes (2012) – Only available as downloads
cc22_2Drunken Bees (1994) Giant Sand documentary  – Order signed DVDs below

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