Oldies & Oddies

FILM TRAILER – “Sleeping Beauty” by Catherine Breillat (2011)
FILM TRAILER – “Girl On A Train” by André Téchiné (2010)

FILM TRAILER – “Bluebeard” by Catherine Breillat (2010)
POEM VIDEO – “Why”, film and poem by Richard Siken (2013)
MUSIC VIDEO – “Mambo In The Dark” Y La Orkesta (2012)
CAMPAIGN VIDEO – “The Wind begun to rock the Grass” (2011)
CAMPAIGN VIDEO – “Beheaded” (2010) by Marianne Dissard
MUSIC VIDEO -”Eté, Hiver” (Demo Sessions 2010) by Jon Jost
MUSIC VIDEO – “Pulling On A Cig” (Amor Belhom Duo – 1999) by Marianne Dissard
CAMPAIGN VIDEO – “Tucson Suffragettes” (2004) by Marianne Dissard
VIDEO “ABBC” (Calexico + Amor Belhom Duo -2000) by Marianne Dissard
MUSIC VIDEO – “Searchlight” (Giant Sand – 1989) by Chris Wagganer w/ Marianne Dissard