‘Berlin Two Takes’ (City Series – 2012)

Berlin Two Takes is a collection of 8 songs we recorded live in Berlin during our 2011 European tour. The songs were then polished in Tucson.
Berlin Two Takes is the 2012 Tour CD, released on the occasion of our April 2012 European Tour.
Berlin Two Takes is the follow-up to Paris One Takes from 2010. Both albums were produced with the constraint that basic tracks would be recorded while on tour in Europe with the live band and in one afternoon, with one take per track. Both albums are more or less ‘live studio’ recordings, capturing something of the magic of tight, well-rehearsed live performances in the controlled environment of a studio. For Berlin Two Takes however, overdubs of violin and trumpet, as well as additional vocals were added back home in Tucson. Therefore the… Two Takes.
Live album band is Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza and Gabriel Sullivan, Tucson’s current musical sweethearts, with strings from Danish players Iris Marie Jakobsen and Asger Christensen. Additional Tucson musicianship by Nick Coventry and Jon Villa. Mixed and mastered by Jim Waters.
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Length : 33mn and more.
Special contribution by Loop Analysis
Track Listing :
1 / Fondre (Berlin Takes) – 3’29
2 / L’Exilé (Berlin Takes) – 3’05
3 / The One And Only (Berlin Takes) – 4’27
4 / Cayenne (Berlin Takes) – 4’27
5 / Fugu (Berlin Takes) – 4’14
6 / Almas Perversas (Berlin Takes) – 3’13
7 / Un Gros Chat (Berlin Takes) – 4’06
8 / Les Confettis (Berlin Takes) – 3’05

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