‘Cibola Gold : Best Of 2008-2015’ (2016)

Release Date : February 12th, 2016
Signed and autographed Deluxe Edition CD with 24 pages booklet + 4 pages inner booklet in jewel case, all within a slipcase.
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Cibola, the legendary seven cities of gold, believed by the Spanish conquistadores to be hidden somewhere in what is now the American Southwest. Cibola Gold, the thirteen essential tracks from my Arizona life. Not so much a ‘best of’, although those are definitely some of the best recordings I’ve made, as a turning of a page, a new beginning. I live in Europe now, bouncing between Paris, Southern Italy and wherever I need to be to keep making the music I want to make, the books I want to write, the creative adventures I want to live. Cibola Gold comes from this need to look back and move on. I had a good time in Tucson. The songs are testimony to the good luck I had playing music there and to the difficulty in escaping its orbit. Onward to a new chapter!   MD
Tracklisted by BK-One (Wax Poetics, Rhymesayers producer and DJ) and remastered by John Dent from albums ‘L’Entredeux’ (2008),  ‘Paris One Takes’ (City Series 2010), ‘L’Abandon’ (2011), ‘The Cat. Not Me’ (2014) and ‘Cologne Vier Takes’ (City Series 2015).
1. Les Draps Sourds (L’Entredeux)
2. The One And Only (L’Abandon)
3. Election (The Cat. Not Me)
4. Cayenne (L’Entredeux)
5. Les Confettis(Cologne Vier Takes)
6. Tortue (The Cat. Not Me)
7. Almas Perversas (L’Abandon)
8. Trop Exprès (L’Entredeux)
9. Pomme (The Cat. Not Me)
10. La Peau Du Lait (L’Abandon)
11. It’s Love (Paris One Takes)
12. Un Gros Chat (L’Abandon)
13. Am Letzen (The Cat. Not Me)
Marianne’s music plays effortlessly with contradiction. Tender, yet abrasive. Melodramatic, but vulnerable. Comical and heartbreaking. I never know how to describe it to those who ask. […] By chance, I met her on the very spot that a 4-story fire precipitated John Dillinger’s capture. But despite her love of risk-taking and her string of far-fetched adventures, Marianne is no outlaw. She never seeks notoriety, and her nomadic lifestyle doesn’t seem to stem from restlessness. Instead, I’ve always thought of Marianne as an archaeologist, off to dig and discover stories.”  BK-One from CD Booklet
Cover photograph by Garry Winogrand.
Booklet includes photographs by Marianne Dissard, Vincent J. Stoker, Howe Gelb, Naïm Amor, Jonathan F. Kugel, Cathimini and many more.
Also an essay contribution by BK-One + written notes by Marianne Dissard, Howe Gelb, John Convertino, Naïm Amor and Christian Ravaglioli.
The booklet was designed by Marianne Dissard. It’s got a lot of fun stuff, some of them intimate, others thoughtful. It is a look-back after all, with all the nostalgia and wistfulness that entails.
 BIO :
French chanteuse Marianne Dissard recorded three albums of quirky baroque desert noir chanson in Tucson, Arizona, her home for close to two decades, with her friends from Calexico and Giant Sand.
Joey Burns (Calexico) and Sergio Mendoza (Orkesta, Morrissey) have composed albums for her. Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan (XIXA, Giant Sand), Sergio Mendoza, Budo have backed her live on tours. She has collaborated with BK-One (Wax Poetics, Rhymesayers) and her lyrics have been sung by many including Howe Gelb. An accomplished videomaker who documented her hometown of Tucson through quirky films on Giant Sand, chicano lowrider bike clubs and Warhol cowboys, she is now living back in Europe where she is writing her first book, ‘The Cat. Not Me: Junk Memoirs of a Yogini’, touring with French guitarist Yan Péchin (Bashung, Brigitte Fontaine) and producing nice French chanteurs.

French chanteuse of desert noir. Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a wooden boat in England. Latest dope Deluxe CD 'Cibola Gold: Best of 2008-2015'. Next release 2017: book memoir.