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Tucson chanteuse Marianne Dissard lived in the US from 1985 to 2013. She lifts the veil on a few bad dreams in her third album, ‘The Cat. Not Me’, recorded with Sergio Mendoza. Dramatic but never theatrical, this confident album confirms Dissard’s evolution from the idiosyncratic mélange of Americana and chanson that characterized her first two albums, ‘L’Entredeux’ and ‘L’Abandon’, an evolution stamped by her recent live collaborations with Seattle producer Budo and her move to Europe.
Press :
Interview – Blurt Magazine
Meticulous arrangements, wrenchingly emotional musicianship, and Dissard at the top of her uneasy game: an early contender for best album of 2014.“   New York Music Daily
“Bigger, stranger, wilder and artier, Dissard’s most vibrant album yet.”  Tucson Weekly
Album preview  – Phoenix New Times
Music Videos 2014 :
‘Je Ne Le Savais Pas’ – //
Teaser Album – //
‘Am Letzen’ – //
‘Mouton Bercail’ version Ami Garmon- //
‘Mouton Bercail’ version Frank Willens – //
‘Election’ – //


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French Lyrics w/ English Translations :
Artwork Hi-Res JPG :
‘The Cat. Not Me :
“Cat? I speak of disembodiment. I stage a few bad dreams, churn in some obsessions, compulsions. I interrogate the skies. I ask questions that can’t be answered yet I still belabor the oceans.
Winter 2012. Shell-shocked from four years of touring, I find myself home with little bearing. I write these lyrics to ward off the darkness. I conjure my monsters and we shack up. Oiseau… bird, Salamander, Mouton… sheep, Tortue… turtle, my bestiary, Nature, the instinctual. Culture also, naturally, in these odd games we humans invent to kill time. Puzzles, Barbie dolls, torture. Archery of the heart, elections. Suicide.
Rare few outside things manage to reach through but the’ gifts’ my cat drops at my feet move me. Gutted half-doves, mangled lizards. I take photos of each, every day. I see myself in those carcasses, frozen shapes (lizards whose underbelly glows beautiful blue hues when under duress!) while also feeling kinship to the cat, animal, whole, simply… cat! Survival. Pulsions. Not me. I don’t. I didn’t. The cat did it. The cat is. Not me.”
Tracklisting :
1 / Am Letzen
2 / Mouton Bercail
3 / Pomme
4 / Je Ne Le Savais Pas
5 / Oiseau
6 / Tortue
7 / Election
8 / Salamandre
9 / Doll Circa (Terra)
10 / La Partie De Puzzle Du Jardin A La Française
-bonus track / Heureusement Sans Heurt
Making :
I produced the recording, working with composer Sergio Mendoza, multi-instrumentalist for Calexico, Y La Orkesta band leader, and my drummer and pianist on our European tours. Sergio bridged the work of composers Joey Burns on ‘L’Entredeux’ and Italian pianist Christian Ravaglioli on ‘L’Abandon’.
On bass, upright bass and cello, Thøger Lund (Giant Sand, Mark Lannegan and ‘L’Abandon’). On alto sax, accordion and prepped piano, Marco Rosano (Y La Orkesta) completes the core studio band. Previously featured on ‘L’Entredeux’, Franco-Tucsonan Naïm Amor guests on electric guitars and Mickey Raphael from Willie Nelson’s band plays harp. Jon Villa on trumpet as he did on ‘L’Abandon’. Jim Waters engineered (Y La Orkesta, ‘L’Abandon’). Mixing at Minneapolis’ Hideaway Studio (where BK-One mixed ‘L’Abandon’), mastering in the UK at LOUD following the lead of John Parish. The lizard on the album cover comes courtesy of Edith. I touched it up.
Sharing :
Once the album was completed, a fateful encounter sealed my departure from Tucson. Already, a few years back, I had met BK-One, my co-producer on ‘L’Abandon’, who broadened my musical horizons (Gonjasufi, Rhymesayers, Low End Theory). BK-One tells me about a labelmate named Budo. Multi-instrumentalist with a contagious stage energy, Budo is the collaborator I had been looking for. We finally meet by chance in Paris. A few weeks later, we are premiering ‘The Cat. Not Me’ at SXSW 2103 with guest Andrew Joslyn on violin. Budo and Joslyn both live in Seattle and are currently touring with Macklemore – whose first album Budo produced – & Ryan Lewis.. A filmed duo concert in Paris at Louxor Cinéma in September 2013 bears witness to our collaboration.
Previous Albums’ Press :
‘L’Abandon’ (2011) – “ one of the best ‘dark rock’ albums of these past few years” (Lucid Culture, NYC), “complex, tense and full of energy, experimental and extravagant, spectacular and sexy” (Musikwoche, Germany), “a hell of a wild ride!” (Sunday Star Times, New Zealand).
Video – ‘The One And Only’ – //
‘L’Entredeux’ (2009) – Coup de Coeur Prize from Charles Cros Academy 2009. Lively and expansive, an idiosyncratic view of French and southwestern musics” (S.Deusner, Pitchfork). “Beautiful and coherent, understated and entrancing” (Blurt).
Video – ‘Les Draps Sourds’ – //

French chanteuse of desert noir. Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a wooden boat in England. Latest dope Deluxe CD 'Cibola Gold: Best of 2008-2015'. Next release 2017: book memoir.