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 Off The Tracks 1.2015 : “The Cat. Not Me. is Dissard’s finale to a trilogy of “Tucson” albums. It’s her finest work too. It’s the culmination of her ideas to blend chanson with that strange, beguiling blend of blues and country musics from the desert.” //www.offthetracks.co.nz/marianne-dissard-the-cat-not-me
Sunday Star Times, Auckland 3.2011 : “This is the real Paris,Texas – all the laidback, rolling guitar licks drowning in the delivery of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And the title is truly deserved. Dissard provides a hell of a wild ride.. Lonesome Cowgirls comes across like William S Burroughs directing Bonanza at the Burning Man Festival”
Under The Radar Interview : //www.undertheradar.co.nz/utr/interviewMore/CID/287/N/Marianne-Dissard–.utr
NZ Herald 3.2011 : //www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=10711734&ref=rss
Elsewhere Blog by Graham Reid : //www.elsewhere.co.nz/absoluteelsewhere/3983/the-famous-elsewhere-questionnaire-marianne-dissard/
Auckland Metro 3.2011 : 4 stars – French-born but Tucson-based, Marianne Dissard was flanked by alt-country group Calexico on her debut, where their lonesome prairie tones helped create a unique hybrid of French chanson and arid Americana. This sophomore effort is self-produced, and displays the singer-songwriter’s true ambitions; L’abandon is richer, more dramatic, and even to this linguistically challenged reviewer (most of the songs are sung in French) it’s clear that these are a very adult set of lyrics dealing with a bitter separation. From the elegantly wasted cover shot to the noirish tonal colours of the instrumental palette (throbbing vibraphones, resonant oboes and booming upright bass abounds), she’s clearly in a universe of one, and cleverly navigates the right course: dramatic but never theatrical, forceful but never strident. Finally, perhaps, a female Nick Cave that we can actually believe in. (MetroMag’. Auckland)
2010 Graham Reid ‘L’Entredeux” interview/review : //www.elsewhere.co.nz/absoluteelsewhere/2569/marianne-dissard-interviewed-2009-the-tucson-chanteuse/

French chanteuse of desert noir. Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a wooden boat in England. Latest dope Deluxe CD 'Cibola Gold: Best of 2008-2015'. Next release 2017: book memoir.