‘Lonesome Cowgirls’

Shot in June 2010 in 24hrs in Cowtown Keeylocko, a surreal one-saloon ranch in the Arizona desert southwest of Tucson, “Lonesome Cowgirls” is a remake of Andy Warhol’s “Lonesome Cowboys” and the companion piece to Marianne Dissard’s album “L’Abandon”.
Watch the film, trailer and music videos here :

Directed by Marianne Dissard, “Lonesome Cowgirls” is a 52mn western film and a series of music and live performance videos inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1968 film, “Lonesome Cowboys”. Both films were shot in Tucson, Arizona. “Lonesome Cowgirls” was produced by Marianne Dissard in collaboration with Parasol Project, a Tucson performance collective.
A cowboy fantasy, the film is by turn hilarious and moving, quiet and boisterous, tender yet violent, full of friends and maybe also touchingly a little bit lonesome.
Perpetual work-in-progress combination of narrative fiction, music videos and conceptual video art piece, “Lonesome Cowgirls” primarily exists as a companion piece to “L’Abandon”. Not only is it a 52mn western film but it also provides a treasure chest of footage for music videos as well as for background projection during Marianne’s live performances.
LISTEN – KXCI Radio INTERVIEW by Melisa DeNinno, with director Marianne Dissard and main collaborators Luc Rollin Goodhart & Megan Amber Cox: //www.mariannedissard.com/KXCI-Lonesome-Cowgirls-INTV-1.mp3
READ – Arizona Daily Star : //azstarnet.com/entertainment/movies/article_01f3d031-34c4-51c2-9db1-c089746f02b3.html
CREW –  Marianne Dissard directed, and produced with Parasol Project’s Megan Amber Cox, who also cast. Adapted by Marianne Dissard and Megan Amber Cox from “Lonesome Cowboys” by Andy Warhol. Fabienne Bouville edited. Turtle O’Toole, Matthew Reber, Roselle Ruiz-Carlson, Marcus DeLeon shot. Danny Wolverton, Cesar Huitron, Brody Anderson recorded sound. Lauren Malarga, with Luc Rollin Goodhart, dressed us. Kelsey Self coordinated, assisted by Molly O’Moore, Julia DeConcini, Audra de Bauchera, Liliana Asztiz, Michael Giansiracusa, Darel, Emily Feingold. Lauren Garlovsky, Linda Bolke and Natalie Nguyen fed us. Scott Christensen photographed. Gary Taylor and Paul Weir gave power & lights. Andrew McGill engineered live sound for Brian Lopez, Gabriel Sullivan, DJs Carl Hanni & BK-One. Danny Wolverton & Carl Hanni lended PAs. In-kind donations by Brooklyn Pizza, Preen, 17th Street Market.
CAST –  Megan Cox, Marianne Dissard, Luc Rollin Goodhart, Jared McKinley, Jaime J. Soto, Ruben Palma, Clay Letson, Natalie Nguyen, Danny Wolverton, Clay Morgan, Matthew Luther, Elliot Cashen, Audra De Bauchera, Emily Feingold, Julia DeConcini, Molly Moore, Aurelia Cohen & Heather Cossette.
THANKS – Sue and everyone at Cowtown Keeylocko, Jean-Michel Dissard, Nico Ratoff, Melisa DeNinno, all the cast, crew and musicians, FlamChen, Nadia Hagen, Dan Hernandez, David Slutes, Loft Theater, 17th Street Music Dpt, Tony Vaccaro, Donna Goodhart, Clif Taylor, Jim Waters, Brad Buecker, Alexis Woodall, Brian Cunningham, Neil Kitte, Meg Reticker, Brad Shelton, Miki Shelton, Cindy Calderon-King, Tina Cacho, Shana Zimmerman, Taylor Burba, Sergio Mendoza, Elizabeta Betinski, Vicki Brown, Connor Gallaher, Dante Rosano, Anne Argouse, Nicolas Duroux, KXCI, Brink Media, Milo, Bilal Mir, Jim Blackwood, Mark McLemore, Scot Skinner, Steven Seigel, Jon Jost, Marcella Di Palo Jost, Tucson Wildlife Center, UofA Media Arts, Ari Palos. Special thanks to Ed Keeylocko.

French chanteuse of desert noir. Left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a wooden boat in England. Latest dope Deluxe CD 'Cibola Gold: Best of 2008-2015'. Next release 2017: book memoir.