05/05/2016 – Spring in the Suffolk countryside is heaven. I’m writing – 3rd revision on the book  and new songs in English. ‘Cibola Gold’ is out in the world. We’ll be back on tour in Europe in October. By then, I’ll probably have made a new home in Europe, not in France nor England but in Italy, a little town called Matera. That’s the plan, at least. I’ve been back in Europe for three years and it feels like it’s time to have four walls and a dozen olive trees to my name.

12/01/2015 – Winter and we fell from grace again. Wings clipped, I stare at the flagholder. I cried and clapped at a dance theater play last night. We all did. I never felt like being part of this city. I always had elsewhere to go, something else to investigate. I was a French chanteuse in America. I’ll turn into an American singer if I stay in Paris any longer. Mood is retrospective. I’ve been pouring over years of photographs, recalling the turning points on the way to music. And I made Cibola Gold, a rumination in the form of a compilation of my best work. I didn’t trust myself to know what my best work is. I left that task to BK-One. And to you.

09/10/2015 – I’ve survived summer in Matera and I’m so very darn close to having finished the book. Finished enough to start shopping it around! I’ll spend a couple of months in London to do shows and see shows, and walk along the Thames and marvel at the rain. Oh, and I’ll have a Best Of CD in deluxe edition by year’s end! With some old friends contributing their good words.

05/20/2015 – I’ve survived another round of touring. Germany, SXSW, Switzerland, UK, Italy… Back in Matera for the summer to keep writing. Also time to start thinking of the next album. For now… ciao!

12/20/2014 – I’ve gone hybrid! ‘Cologne Vier Takes’ is out as a strange object, a CD that also plays on a turntable. I loved making the artwork for it, loved recording it in one afternoon! And for the mix and the mastering, I got two hotshots, one in Minneapolis and the other in the UK. Spoiling myself so I can spoil you. Meanwhile, still hiding out in Matera and working on the book. Slow and steady. Happy holidays, happy new year to all!

11/13/2014 – November already! Back and forth from Paris to Matera, keeping up with the writing of the book, inspired by the strength of that most unique small town down south. Plenty of projects to do, to finish once the book is finished… Cat’s been getting some really great reviews from Germany. It’s been good having a solid, dedicated group of people working around the release and on the live show. Really happy to be able to devote more attention to the scenography of the live shows for the next tour. I’ve always wanted that to be important. The colors, the movements of video and light. Something as unique as the sound, and that fits and supports it. We shall see….

08/05/2014 – Playing record stores showcases in Germany this month with Yan Péchin and Allyson Ezell! And more German shows in September and a full tour in February!

05/20/2014 – ‘Cat’ is coming out on vinyl in August!!! I’m gonna start touring again in the fall. So excited! For now, I’m spending a month in Matera, Italia to attempt to write the ‘Cat’ book. I’ll be in Minneapolis in July to mix both Orso Jesenska’s and Vanessa Philippe’s albums that I produced recently in Paris with musicians Yan Péchin, Mocke, Thomas Belhom, Arthur Vint and Bobby Jocky.

01/24/2014 – ‘Cat’ came out, very quietly, for the few. I don’t miss Tucson yet – ok, just a couple things – and if I start feeling too nostalgic, I usually get a well-timed email from T-Town that reminds me why I left – and who I left behind. So I’m in Paris for now. Arthur Vint and Scott Colberg will come from NYC to join Yan Péchin in the studio for Vanessa Philippe’s album which I’m producing and arranging next month. Looking forward to a month solo in Matera this spring to sort through all the notes for the book, flipside of ‘Cat’. And then, who knows what will happen. Another move? Another album and more touring, yes but after taking care of some personal stuff and a few loose ends.

10/10/2013 – Moved to Europe. Adios, Tucson! We had a good run, you and me! Adios, les States where I’d lived since 1985. Aimed at moving to Palermo, Sicily but got derailed on the way and ended up commuting between Berlin and Paris with one, two, three, four jobs. Got certified as a yoga teacher by Gérard Arnaud, started teaching. Got to be dramaturg on the dance piece of my long-time friend Ami Garmon and I’m producing French singer Vanessa Philippe’s new album, composed by Naïm Amor. Also writing a book. The album “The Cat. Not Me” will come out in January 2014. All samples licensing hurdles are finally resolved after months of tractation and not for the best. Finally, I’ll be adapting the album for the dance theater next year. Oh, we did a show with Budo in Paris at Louxor cinema for Haut Et Court’s 20th anniversary party. That was filmed, so you could reasonably expect that video soon.

03/03/2013 – Thrilled to announce a new collaboration for Marianne Dissard with Seattle producer/musician Budo (Rhymesayers). The duo will premiere the chanteuse’s latest album at SXSW 2013 with special guest Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore) on violin. A fierce and melancholy album written with Sergio Mendoza (Y La Orkesta) who joins the ranks of Dissard’s previous composers Joey Burns (Calexico), Naïm Amor and italian maestro Christian Ravaglioli, ‘The Cat. Not Me’ will be released later in 2013 as a vinyl edition.

19/01/2013 – Stocked to announce ‘The Cat. Not Me’ will be released before spring – on vinyl! – by UK boutique label Vacilando ’68. It will also be available for download. Soon, soon!

09/09/2012 – Done with the album! Working on artwork. Release in early 2013, I hope. I want to tour again.

06/06/2012 – Catching up a bit with all the projects put on hold by touring in 2011. Europe in April with the Tucson Songs tour was brilliant! Now, I’m home working on new albums with Sergio Mendoza and Andrew Collberg and hoping that, by summer’s end, I will have caught up with Beijing Takes and BK-One’s tracks! There’s talk of touring Europe in December again with the Tucson crew!

04/04/2012Berlin Two Takes is ready! I put it up on Bandcamp with some special guests and ghost tracks!

01/05/2012 – Learning the guitar. Composing songs all by myself. Pfff. ‘Bout time, no?

12/31/2011 – What a year it’s been! So much travels and all about music! Farewell, Mamie. “L’Abandon” gets listed in Best Albums of 2011 in Le Parisien, from the Bruxelles Mediatheque, on Texas Public Radio and New York Music Daily.

12/22/2011 – Merry everything to everyone I’ve had the luck of meeting on the road, everyone I’ve had the luck of working with. Here’s a Christmas song for you : Stop The Cavalry, with Matt Mitchell, Tommy Larkins, Thøger Lund and Marco Rosano. Recorded at Jim Waters’ in Tucson a few winters ago.

1/05/2011 – Working with BK-One from Minneapolis’ Rhymesayers label on a new album. Working on sending Christian some melodies, as we did with “Almas Perversas”. Working on resting. Reading. Breathing.

10/07/2011 – Announcing the next big 2012 adventure! Tucsongs Super Tour of Europe starts April 2012 with Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta, Brian Lopez and Andrew Collberg, all now signed to Le Pop and SOFA Agency, my European label and booking agents since their taking on a first Tucson project when they decided to handle L’Entredeux three years ago! What a ride it’s been! I’ll be backed by members of La Orkesta as well as my regulars, Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan, Sergio Mendoza.

09/29/2011 – Final days in Beijing. China has been incredible! Read the Tour Diary here. Almost time to get back home… almost, after 9 months on the road! Still ahead: walking tour of French Pyrénées with my donkey and a Halloween show in London.

8/07/2011 – Launching a Kickstarter campaign to get “Beijing 北京 Three Takes” recording session funded. Details here.

07/12/2011 – I went to Oostende, Belgium and ate mussels and fries with Arno. Then we went to record a track together over ‘Un Gros Chat’. I hope to release it in the fall. I want to eat mussels and fries again in Oostende. They’re the best in the world.

06/12/2011 – Recorded a track with my Los Angeles friends, Noah & The Megafaun, on their new album! Listen to Gusano Coco mp3 and buy Noah’s albumhere.

06/06/2011 – Listen to the Audio Commentary to “L’Abandon” by myself and Jim Waters. We talk shop, recording process, studio bits and gossips, it was a lot of fun to record, just days after the basic tracking and overdubs were completed and prior to sending it off to BK-One for mixing. Just like you’d get in a DVD with the director commentary and things like that :

24/29/2011  – A great interview, review and all around well-informed radio piece on the new album from Radio New Zealand’s Sampler show out of Auckland –> Radio New Zealand interview/album review – Sampler 04.19.2011

04/04/2011 – Toured Europe, now touring New Zealand and Australia. Heading back home for three days then onward to Europe for three months, maybe shows in Italy, Turkey, France, China… Rolling Stone, not as in ‘rock n roll’ but  as in ‘gather no moss’.

01/30/2011 – Grin, grin, grin 😉 Indulge me, please, FB, in RTing this? –> GONJASUFI GONJASUFI ™ @mariannedissard track 3 off your record is my shit!!! <— from the singer whose album I listened to most in 2010. (little sunday morning dance in front of computer!!)

01/10/2011 – Got selected for SXSW! Also doing the KDHX day showcase there!

12/26/2010 – Looking ahead to the coming year. I will be going around the world, first playing in Europe with Brian Lopez, Sergio Mendoza and Gabriel Sullivan, then heading to New Zealand and Australia to perform solo. After that, I’ll hop over to China and take trains all the way back to Italy where I’ll start working with Christian on a new album. Maybe I’ll play Canada next and be back in Tucson by August for the monsoons! Pffff. See you on the road. Happy new year!

12/18/2010 – Christmas song for you ! A cover of Jona Lewie’s “Stop The Cavalry”, recorded in 2007 in Tucson with Matt Mitchell, Marco Rosano, Tommy Larkins, Thøger Lund and Adrianne Mamet at Waterworks. Listen here: Marianne Dissard does “Stop The Cavalry” – A Christmas Cover – mp3.

For kicks, here’s the original version:     

2/2010 – A song from “L’Abandon”, with new lyrics, will be in Australian feature film “X” by Jon Hewitt.

12/03/2010 – My Top Ten List of Albums for 2010: 1/Gonjasufi – A Sufi And A Killer, 2/ Erykah Badu – New Amerykah, 3/ Gaslamp Killer – Death Gate, 4/ Brian Lopez – El Verde, 5/ Giant Sand – Blurry Blue Mountain, 6/ Mexican Institute of Sound – Mexico Majico 7/ Philippe Katerine – Philippe Katerine – 8/ Marianne Dissard – Paris One Takes 9/ Gabriel Sullivan & The Taraf de Tucson – Live 10/ Le Pop 6 – Le Pop Musik

11/25/2010 – Hello, Thanksgiving! Here’s a lil’ mp3 of a wacky duet version of LES DRAPS SOURDS * MP3 * from a live show @ Solar Culture in Tucson on 10.15.2010, with Luc Goodhart répliquing, Sergio Mendoza on drums, Gabriel Sullivan on upright, Connor Gallaher on guitar and Dante Rosano on piano. James Bones recorded from the back of the sound board.

11/11/2010 – Release date is set! L’Abandon will be available starting January 22nd, 2011! CD release parties in Tucson at Club Congress, Screening Room and Vaudeville! DVD also available!

10/30/2010 – Back in Tucson for a couple of months. Some shows, but mostly preparing the new release and 2011 tours!

10/17/2010 – Heading to NYC for a couple of shows and also to act in a French film directed by Astrid Serafini. Looking forward to releasing the new album in January 2011! Stay posted!

10/14/2010 – Premiere of my wacky film, “Lonesome Cowgirls”, in Tucson at Loft Cinema! Pictures of the event on Facebook!

8/2010 to 10/2010 – USA TOUR August to October 2010! East Coast and then with Françoiz Breut. Big show at MOMA Museum of Modern Art in NYC!

6/2010 – Filming “Lonesome Cowgirl” in Tucson, AZ, a film ‘informed’ by Andy Warhol’s “Lonesome Cowboys”.

4/2010 – Recording new studio album “L’Abandon” in Tucson, AZ.

3/2010 – New album “PARIS ONE TAKES” available as a FREE DOWNLOAD here! Please share with your friends.