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City Series : Cologne Vier Takes

‘Cologne Vier Takes’ (City Series – 2015)

The third installment of the City Series of road albums, ‘Cologne Vier Takes’ is available as download and as a limited-edition hybrid analog/digital CD-Record (play it both on your record player and your CD player). A mix of richly atmospheric yet intimate versions from her darkly lyrical catalog, recorded with her 2015 live bandmates Yan Péchin and Allyson Ezell.

“Assisted in her artistic efforts by the redoubtable Yan Péchin and the exquisitely intense Allyson Ezell, Marianne Dissard proves, once more, that her talent works as well in the captured spell of live performance as it does in the studio.” (Bunny Blues/UK)

TOP 2015 Albums – “Another haunting knockout from Marianne Dissard. […] There’s no other short album released this year that can compare with this.” (New York Music Daily/USA)

‘Cologne Vier Takes’ is a collection of six tracks culled from Dissard’s discography and re-interpreted for the live stage with Paris bandmates Yan Péchin (Brigitte Fontaine, Alain Bashung) and Allyson Ezell. The 19mn EP is available as downloads and as a limited-edition hybrid CD-Record that includes an analog bonus track playable on your turntable.

City Series albums are recorded while on tour, mostly in one takes, in one afternoon and on a day off. They’re basically live studio albums. ‘Cologne Vier Takes’ is the latest in a series that include ‘Paris One Takes’ (2010) and ‘Berlin Two Takes’ (2012), both recorded with then-bandmates Sergio Mendoza, Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan from Tucson bands Calexico, Y La Orkesta, Chicha Dust. Loop-based, musique concrète soundscape ‘Beijing Three Takes’ is in post-production.

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Marianne Dissard, lead vocals and toys
Yan Péchin, guitars & tambourine
Allyson Ezell, backup vocals and toys

Recorded by Topaz Studio, Köln, Germany
Mixed by Joe Mabbott, Hideaway Studio, Minneapolis, MN
Mastered by John Dent at LOUD Mastering, Bristol, UK
Lathed by PIAPTK Records, Tucson, AZ

Tracklisting :

CD-Record length : 19mn digital (+ 3mn analog bonus outtake from ‘The Cat. Not Me’ (2014).

1/ Oiseau (Marianne Dissard / Sergio Mendoza)

2/ Les Confettis (Marianne Dissard / Joey Burns)

3/ Les Draps Sourds (Marianne Dissard / Joey Burns)

4/ Election (Marianne Dissard / Marianne Dissard-Sergio Mendoza)

5/ Mouton Bercail (Marianne Dissard / Marianne Dissard-Sergio Mendoza)

6/ Cayenne (Marianne Dissard / Joey Burns)

CD-Records are analog/digital hybrids. They play on both your turntable and in your CD Player! The grooves are cut on the data side (bottom of the CD-R). You can fit up to 20 minutes of digital audio, and also 3 minutes of groove ‘vinyl record’ audio. All CD-Records include a custom made center adapter for your turntable spindle. This limited edition was hand-lathed in Tucson, Arizona by PIAPTK Records

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