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by Marianne Dissard

Lyrics and production by Marianne Dissard

Composed by Christian Ravaglioli.

Co-produced by BK-One

L’Abandon is the 2nd ‘official’ studio album by Marianne Dissard, follow-up to 2008 L’Entredeux. Top 2011 Albums lists from Le Parisien, Bruxelles Médiathèque, Texas Public Radio and New York Music Daily.

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REVIEWS – “There literally isn’t a single substandard song here: count this among one of the best dark rock records in recent years.” (Lucid Culture, USA) – “Quelle richesse, quelle diversité, quelle complexité ! (Le Parisien, France) –“Cliff-hanging liaison between Chanson and Rock. Complex and yet stringent, experimental and extravagant, dramatic and sexy” (Musikwoche) – “Dramatic but never theatrical, forceful but never strident. Finally, perhaps, a female Nick Cave that we can actually believe in” (MetroMag’, Auckland) – “A hell of a wild ride” (Sunday Star Times, New Zealand) – “This sophomore album is punk-meets-folk is gritty, energetic and, probably because of the husky French vocals, incredibly sexy” (New Zealand Herald) – “The erotic charm of French desert-chanson, the power of US-American indie rock and the obsession of jolly Mariachi-brass all fall into place to emerge as a vital mosaic” (Szene, Hamburg) – “A voice, bearing the intensity of an Edith Piaf, a wild Rodeo of style and feelings” (Piranha) – “Timeless creation” (Tagesspiegel) – “A great production, in this year’s highlights” ( – “Watch out, pigeonholers: Francophile Pop can grind too.“ (Zitty) – “Feverish songs, captivating pop anthems and touching ballads” (Schnüss, Bonn) – “A furious mix” (Kulturnews) – “Shockingly sanguine” (Westzeit) – “Simply very entertaining” (Sono)

STORY – L’Abandon features songs co-written by Marianne Dissard and Italian composer Christian Ravaglioli and demoed over the course of two post-European tours sessions of ten days each in August 2009 and January 2010 in Christian’s home studio in the countryside near Ravenna, Italy.

Listen to the Album AUDIO COMMENTARY by producers Marianne Dissard & Jim Waters – Length : 45mn.

The album recording took place in Tucson, Arizona in April and May 2010. The studio core band of 6 included Marianne singing, Christian Ravaglioli on piano, Canadian guitar player Luke Doucet and Marianne’s Tucson bandmates, including bassist Thøger Lund (Giant Sand), drummer Arthur Vint and Connor Gallaher on lapsteel and guitar. Cameos by Marianne’s touring bandmates Sergio Mendoza (Y La Orkesta), Brian Lopez (Mostly Bears) and Gabriel Sullivan (Taraf de Tucson) as well as by Jon Villa (The Jons), Silver Thread Trio, Salvador Duran and Ruben Moreno (Mariachi Luz De Luna). Jim Waters engineered and produced with Marianne, Rhymesayers’ BK-One co-produced. Joe Mabbott (Brother Ali, Evidence, POS) mixed at Hideaway Studios in Minneapolis and Jim Blackwood mastered at AZPM.

Full of friends, challenging but catchy, noisy but sweet, more ambitious and experimental than her first, “L’Abandon” is Marianne Dissard’s “Tijuana Moods”, an album written from a relentless two years world tour on the run from heartbreak at the end of her marriage. Just like Mingus’s trip down to Mexico, the escape, however, is not just an hallucinatory rampage. Having “decided to benefit musically” from the escape, Mingus incorporated the sounds and people of the Mexican border town. Likewise, Marianne invites musicians she met on the road, from Canada’s guitar hero, Luke Doucet to Italian composer Christian Ravaglioli. Her Tucson friends and touring mates Arthur Vint on drums and Thøger Lund (Giant Sand), Sergio Mendoza, Brian Lopez, Connor Gallaher and Gabriel Sullivan, Silver Thread Trio and Salvador Duran all contribute to a sound that is very Tucson yet unmistakably French. A cohesive and ambitious album of contradictions and boisterous energy, while sweet and pensive, this is the album closest to reflecting Marianne’s musical personalities and life experiences.

THE FILM – ‘Lonesome Cowgirls’: A Companion Film to ‘L’Abandon’

A companion film to L’Abandon was shot in June 2010 in Tucson’s Cowtown Keeylocko, as a dusty remake of Andy Warhol’s 1968 Tucson western film, Lonesome Cowboys.

1 La Peau Du Lait
2 Almas Perversas
3 Un Gros Chat
4 Ecrivain Public
5 Ete Hiver
6 Neige Romaine
7 L’Exilé
8 Fugu
9 Fondre
10 One And Only

01. La Peau Du Lait
02. Almas Perversas
03. Un Gros chat
04. The One And Only
05. Neige Romaine
06. Le Jour De L’Anniversaire
07. L’exilé
08. Fugu
09. Fondre
10. Ecrivain public
11. Eté, hiver